In order to create an account you will have to open the application and click on 'Create one now'.

Then, a new screen will be shown in which you will be prompted to: agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, enter your e-mail address, choose a username and decide on a password (which you will have to repeat). This is the password you set for Wayports. Make sure it is a safe one that you have not used elsewhere and that it contains at least 6 characters, including any special symbols for extra security.

Lastly, click on 'Sign Up'.

A small green dialogue will be shown on the bottom left of the screen letting you know it is time to verify your email.

The following step is then, checking your inbox. There, you will find an e-mail from Wayports (please do check your Spam folder just in case).

Upon opening the e-mail, you will have to click on 'Confirm Account'.

Once you have clicked there, you can already go back to the application and log in with the credentials you set before.

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