If you already have a free account and want to obtain the S2 license, what you should do is, first of all, go to the website https://www.lfs.net and log into your account.

Once logged in, you should go to the 'Shop' tab and click on the 'More info' button

You will be redirected to the specifications of each version, the one you need to participate in WRL is the S2 version.

Once there, you must purchase the product called 'S2', by clicking on 'Upgrade for £18' and then on 'Proceed to Check Out'.

If you have not yet entered the purchase voucher, you can do so now, in the 'Redeem LFS gift Voucher' section.

Finally, you must click on 'To the next step' and finish the upgrade.

Your S2 licensed account is ready to be uses.

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