Once inside the Presentation Room, you can right-click any image on the walls and enter a new Image URL in order to replace them. It is very easy to brand a space simply by going to a website, copying a URL and pasting it in Wayports. Let's see how that works:

You can then hover your mouse over a chair (the chair will be highlighted in light blue) and click on it to sit. Once seated, you might want to look around with your mouse or trackpad. Press the space bar once to unlock the sight control. Press it once again if you want to lock the sight into place, which means moving your mouse/trackpad will not move your sight.

From anywhere in the room, you can click into the webscreen in order to zoom into it. If you want to stand up, you can click on the STAND button.

Walking on stage enables a first-person view, and is great for speaking to an audience.

Clicking on the webscreen will give you the ability to enter any website with any content you might want to show your audience. To exit the fullscreen view of the webscreen, click on the Exit button at the top-left corner.

At the top-right corner, you will find the Toolbox button. Click on it and you will find the laser pointer, along with the possibility to add files. If you upload a file, such as a PDF, it will be shown on the webscreen. You can zoom into it and scroll just like you would in your browser. Each user gets their own scrolling control.

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