Once you enter Wayports, you can walk around using the arrow keys on your keyboard (or alternatively, the W, A, S, D keys) and the mouse for controlling your sight, options and objects.

Wayports will ask for microphone usage permission when your first launch the application.

In order to have others hear you when you speak, you need to enable your microphone, as it is muted by default to protect your privacy.

You will also find that the right sidebar's second icon provides a Navigation Menu, which has several different options. Clicking on the Wayports app icon (on top of the Navigation Menu icon) will close the menu you are seeing.

Let's click on the Navigation Menu icon.

As of this writing (January 2021), the first active item is the Meeting Rooms area.

Click in Meeting Rooms, this will bring up some options according to room types.

You can join a public room or create a private one for yourself and your team.

Let's focus on joining the public presentation room, which is the first room to be fully functional:

If you want to see how to set up a Presentation Room with custom images and use it for presentations, click here.

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