It may happen that you are able to hear other users, but they cannot hear you. When this is the case, it may be due to having started the application without headphones connected to your computer.

Note: In future versions of Wayports, this will not be an issue, but for now we are requesting that you plug in your headphones before launching the application.

Solution: Quit the application, plug in your headphones, and relaunch it.

If you have started the application with the headphones plugged in, but other users cannot hear you, it might be simply because you are muted (by default, for privacy) and you have yet to unmute yourself.

Here's how to unmute yourself:

Click on the toggle button at the low portion (center) of the screen. The status will change from Mic Off to Mic On, and others will be able to hear you. Feel free to toggle this back and forth as needed, in order to avoid others hearing you when you aren't ready to speak publicly.

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