Note: it is very important and necessary that you use either a headset or headphones. Without them, people that speak to you will hear an echo of their own speech (since your speakers will be playing what they say and your microphone sending it back to them). This will delay communication and distract whom you are speaking to.

For privacy purposes, every time you log in, your microphone will be off by default. When it's time to speak, make sure you click on the Mic Off toggle button, as this will unmute you.

Sound Areas - Private and Public audio

Wayports works like the physical world: we can hear what is close to us.

However, as opposed to what is possible in the real world, here we have a software advantage: we can define audio perimeters that are independent of proximity.

In this picture, you can see one of the many blue squares on the floor that delimit the private audio zone around them. This means that everything that is said within that square will only be heard by the people that are inside of it. The spaces outside the square are of public audio access.

We have many areas like this, since it is very logical that there are some queries that you may prefer to deal with privately.

This is also a great opportunity for networking, a concept that is extended to booths and offices.

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