Wayports is the new way to work. A software application for seamless virtual collaboration, where people are represented by moving and talking avatars.

You can take a picture of yourself and generate an avatar that resembles you, or bypass that and build a customized avatar manually.

Once inside the application, you will find our virtual world simple to navigate using keyboard and mouse controls, and you will be able to communicate with other users by using spatial audio and text messages.

Much of the reason why we built Wayports deals with the purpose of working remotely, coming together with people who are located in different regions around the world, and having a private space where we can use collaboration tools.

If you get your private meeting room in Wayports, you can use it to receive guests and work with your team while using screen sharing, whiteboards, laser pointers and file uploads.

This enables a world of possibilities as your presentations, proposals and other materials come to life virtually. Unlike the standard video call, the experiences you will create with Wayports will be memorable, satisfying and engaging.

We want to be the best way to make your teammates happy, your clients amazed and your revenues soaring.

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