If you are going to do a presentation in ConnectWorld and you want to include a variety of contents of different nature, we suggest you read this article so you are aware of all your possibilities.

The main visual tool we are going to use when doing a presentation are the screens, so the more screens you have, the more content people are exposed to simultaneously and hence, the more you can do. For this reason, most of the presentations take place either in our Auditorium or in one of our Conference Halls, each of them displaying 3 screens.

If you are going to use these spaces, there are certain aspects of the screens you need to pay attention to, so your presentation runs smoothly.

First and foremost we need to know that in each of the screens the speaker can:

According to where you will be doing your presentation and the format you want to give to it, you can mix all of these tools. We will give you some examples so you know the best way of carrying it out.

Mix content in the same screen

Of course, if we are working with one screen, there can only be one content displayed at a time. However, in order not want to waste time searching for or loading information, we can bookmark the tabs we want to have ready for the presentation. What kind of content can I bookmark? Websites and uploaded files. In the case of uploaded files, once we have already loaded our file in the screen, the the app automatically creates a tab and assigns a URL to it, that is the tab we need to bookmark.

We can have up to three tabs simultaneously bookmarked and loaded, plus the one you are using. You just have to load the target URL or upload your file as I mentioned previously, and subsequently click the star icon on the toolbar. A new tab will pop with the selected bookmarked tab.

Mix content in different screens

If you are working with more than one screen, as it is the case in the Auditorium, you will always have the option of working only with the main screen and displaying some static content in the peripheral screens such as websites or a logo. However, some speakers opt for simultaneously showing a different kinds of content in each screen. For example:

  • Show slides in Google Slides in the main screen. To do this, they just need to enter their presentation, click on 'Share', then click on 'Get link' and finally change the option that says 'Restricted' to 'Anyone with the link'. This way we make the presentation public and I will be able to copy the URL from a browser and then pasting it in the URL in the screen I want to play it.
  • Enable their webcam in the right screen. They just need to zoom in the right screen and enable their webcam. In order to go back to control the slides in the main screen, they just need to zoom in the main screeen.

Another thing you need to know is that one avatar (one person), can control one screen at a time. This means that if I want to change the content of a secondary screen, I will just need to zoom in so as to take control of it.

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