In some cases, it may happen that the Internet connection is not enough to load Expo Hall images or logos, and some users will need a little more time to load them.

In this case, it is caused by a slow connection to the Internet that requires more time to download and display the images.

Alguns usuários relataram uma melhora no carregamento das imagens após a Some users have reported an improvement in the loading of images after disabling support for Virtual Reality, which is configured by default for OpenVR, allowing the use of VR headsets. Here's how to disable it using the Preferences tab:

You must close the application after the changes and reopen it to see the changes reflected.

Otherwise, if staying at Expo Hall for a few minutes after disabling VR does not solve the problem, it is mainly a problem related to routing policies and closed doors on your Internet connection. This is common in corporate networks whose Firewall has strict rules regarding allowed connections.

As a basic configuration, we need to open UDP ports 80 and 5060, as well as TCP / IP port 443. Usually, when users experience a download error, it has to do with that.

For the effective functioning of ConnectWorld, and Expo Hall in particular, it is necessary to have these ports open and the following connections allowed:



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In addition, it is advisable to allow connections to the Agora services, which we use for screen sharing and other related functionality. To do this, we must allow connections to the following URLs:

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