Screen sharing mimics exactly what's on your screen, so if you have one screen and you have ConnectWorld open, the presentation board will look something like pictured above.

If you happen to have more than one screen, but you share the one that has ConnectWorld on it, your presentation board will also look like pictured above.

If you run into this issue, you can try a few different things depending on your setup.

1.If you have one screen you can choose to open ConnectWorld up in "Windowed" mode. You can do this by closing and opening the ConnectWorld app, and making sure that " Windowed" is checked.

This will give you the ability to setup your screen sharing with ConnectWorld, and then minimize it like any other program so other people can see your screen.

If you need to have a look at the audience while doing a presentation you can also try uploading your documents straight into ConnectWorld. In the same presentation tool, you will find the option ‘Upload file’.

Know more about uploading files to the presentation boards here.

2. If you have two screens, make sure that ConnectWorld is running on your secondary screen because the app will always share the primary screen.

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