If the app is running slow, it is probably because your hardware resources are struggling to cope with the default app settings. If you want to increase performance, there are a few things you can do.

You don't necessarily have to do all the things on this list, but rather experiment with one change at a time to see which has the best impact. Bear in mind, that with each of these changes we will be lowering the levels of rendering distance and quality, so you can also choose which changes make the app run better while preserving some graphic quality.

Close Non-Essential Programs

The first thing you should try, which will not have any effect on ConnectWorld's graphical settings is to shut down any non-essential programs. Depending on your computer specifications (and the resource requirements of the other apps), running other programs while ConnectWorld is active could drastically affect your computer's performance.

Windows users: Choose the Fastest Quality Setting

If you are using Windows as Operating System, make sure you are running on the Fastest Quality setting. This will increase ConnectWorld's speed, at the cost of smoothness of models in the virtual space. You can choose to do so as you run the app:

All Users: Change the Graphic Options

If you are already in ConnectWorld, you can also apply the previous change together with others that will improve your computer's performance. You will have to click on the settings tab at the top-right corner of your screen, and several options will drop down. Click on 'Preferences' and a dialog will be shown. Make sure you scroll down until you find the Graphics Options.

Here, you will be able to regulate the quality of the graphics, make sure you choose 'Fastest'. Also, you can reduce your target framerate, make sure you choose 30. This affects how many frames per second (FPS) will be rendered. Reducing this will make characters move with much less fluidity, but ConnectWorld itself will run much faster.

You will also get the option to enable a low draw distance to improve hardware

performance. If you tick this option, you will have a much shorter sight of the campus, and you will only get so see objects, people and buildings as you approach them.

Finally, you can also choose the level of avatar complexity. This impacts on how much detail is applied to rendering the avatars. Simple is the lowest option, while Dynamic applies better graphical quality and Full provides the best viewing detail. Bear in mind that hardware processing and bandwidth consumption are due to increase with more details enabled.

Note: Do not forget to save your changes before exiting.

Finally, if all of the above did not work, we advise you take a look at our article on minimum hardware requirements here to be aware of the resources that the app needs.

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