If you want to feel more connected with your avatar, there are many customizations you can try and many reactions you can explore to convey body language.

Customizing your avatar

First of all, you can start by making your avatar look the way that you would like it to be. When you download the app for the first time, you will be automatically taken first to a changing room before entering the campus.

In this changing room, you will be able to decide on your body features, the clothes and the accessories you would like to wear.

Pick your look, clothes and accessories!

You can access the changing room at any point when you are in the campus, by clicking either on your username tab on your upper left corner or on the settings tab on your upper right corner.

Using emotes

Another feature that will make you feel closer to your avatar, is the ability to use emotes. Through these, your avatar can show different emotions and actions.

Most of these functions you will find by clicking on your username tab on the upper left corner, which brings down the different options to click on.

Alternatively, you can use the function keys on your keyboard as shortcuts or type a command in the chatbox on your bottom left corner to trigger these emotes.

Waving 👋

Press F1 on your keyboard (macOS users can press Fn + F1) or type /wave, /raisehand, /question or /handraise.

Cheering 😀

Press F2 or type either /cheer or /happy.

Giving a Handshake🤝

To initiate or complete a handshake with another nearby avatar, press F3 or type either /shakehand, /shake or /shakehands.

Clapping 👏

Press F4 or type /clap.

Thinking 💭

Press F5 or type either /think or /ponder.

Showing confusion🤔

Press F6 or type either /confuse or /confused.


Press F7 or type /dance.

Showing impatience😠

Press F8 or type either /impatient or /toetap.

In addition to these, there are some 'hidden' emotes that you can only trigger by typing in the chatbox on your bottom left corner.

You can do a backflip by typing: /backflip or /flip
You can bow by typing: /bow
You can sign another avatar to come closer by typing: /comehere or /followme
You can show you are sad by typing: /cry or /sad
You can dance by typing: /dance2, /capoeira, /braziliandance or /breakdance
You can do a team cheering by typing: /handsin, /allhandsin, /teamcheer, /handin, /armin or /break
You can laugh by typing: /laugh or /haha
You can dance samba by typing: /samba
You can raise your thumb by typing: /thumbsup or /thumbup or if you are more excited you can type: /thumbsupexcited, /thumbsup! or /thumbsup2

If you want to know how all the options on the username tab work, click here.

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