When you click on the settings button, at the top-right corner of your screen, several options will drop down.

1- Change avatar. By clicking on this option you will be teleported to a changing room, where you will be able to change your avatar's appearance, clothes and accessories.

2- Find users. If you click on this option, a dialog will appear where you will be able to visualize all the users in the world at that moment and the rooms they are in.

You will also have a search bar to find specific users. By clicking on the usernames that are in the same room as you are, you will be able to open their menu and check their profiles, send them a private message or go to their position.

If the users are not in the same space as you are, when you click on their names, you will be able to send them a private message.

3- Help. As you click this option, you will be redirected to ConnectWorld help center where you will find articles to aid you in the use of our platform.

4- Mic Settings. When clicking this option, a dialog will be displayed where you will be able to set your microphone configurations.

Under the headline "Active microphone" you will be able to select which of the input devices you want to use.

Under the headline "Microphone Activation Sensitivity" you will be able to regulate how much background sound your microphone will pick up. By default, you will have a low pre-set mic sensitivity, so that faint sounds around you will not be perceived.

By clicking on the button labeled "Mac Sound Settings" (or Windows Sound Settings, if you are on that Operating System), you will be opening your own computer sound configuration menu.

5- Preferences. When you click on this option, a dialog will be displayed where you will be able to set up the general sound and image configurations.

Under the Sound Options, you will be able to regulate the volume of the environmental sounds -such us chirping birds, water, animation, etc- as well as the user interface sounds (i.e. clicks and notifications). You will also be able to enable or disable different notification sounds. You will have to tick the boxes belonging to the sounds you do want to hear.

Under the User Interface Options, you will be able to choose if you want to show/hide the username on top of your avatar or the mini map that is displayed on the bottom right corner.

After these, we have the Graphics Options, you will be able to regulate the quality of the graphics (fastest being the lowest quality), the target frame-rate (10 being the lowest quality) and the font scale (100% being the smallest font size).

You will also get the options to enable the campus theme, as well as a low draw distance to improve hardware performance. This is recommended for instances where the hardware resources struggle to cope with the default level of rendering distance and quality.

Finally, you can also choose the level of avatar complexity. This impacts how much detail is applied to rendering the avatars. Simple is the lowest option, while Dynamic applies better graphical quality and Full provides the best viewing detail. Bear in mind that hardware processing and bandwidth consumption are due to increase with more details enabled.

Note: Do not forget to save your changes before exiting.

6- Send Bug Report. If you want to report technical issues, you can click this option and a dialog will appear with a blank space where you can describe your problem.

7- Reinitialize Voice. Whenever you have issues with your microphone or after choosing a new input device, you can attempt to reconnect to the voice server to improve the quality.

8- OS X Privacy Settings. If you are using macOS, clicking on OS X Privacy Settings will bring up the system menu to grant the application access to resources such as the microphone, camera and display for screen sharing.

9- Privacy Policy. You can use this option to be redirected to the privacy policy terms.

10- Terms of Use. You can use this option to be redirected to the Terms of Use document.

11- Log Out. By clicking this option you will be able to sign out from your user account and close ConnectWorld.

12- Quit. When clicking this option you will close the app.

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