You will find presentation boards or screens in most of the venues in the campus, they are packed with collaboration tools.

When you are not in the vicinity of them, they will be in sleep mode and look like this:

But when you go near them, they will become active, like this:

When they are active, you can engage with them like you would with any other web browser.

The screens in the public areas are for you to interact with. However, in certain locations such as the auditorium (when you are a speaker) or your private office space, you can edit what is displayed on the screen as well as use the collaboration tools.

Using the interactive screens

When you approach a screen, you will see on its top-right corner there is a magnifying glass icon next to a refresh icon. If you click on the magnifying glass, it will zoom in and you will be able to interact with the screen. If you have privileges to edit its contents, a toolbar will be displayed on the bottom-right corner.

These are the presenter tools. You can type any URL to change what is being displayed. Alternatively, you can use the following controls:

1- Browse to the previous page

2- Browse to the next page

3- Refresh the page

4-Change the URL to display a different website

5- Add the page to favorites

6- Upload a file (can be PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, PPT, PPTX, TXT)

7- Share your computer's screen

8- Enable your webcam to stream video live

9- Options

If you click on the last button "Options" further functions will be revealed.

1- Presenter tool. If you click on this option, the toolbar will be switched to the Presenter Tool mode. This allows the user to see what’s on the screen while facing the audience. Moving the mouse cursor over the presenter tool screen will move the cursor on the actual board as well.

2- Reset the board. By clicking on this option, you will reset the screen to a default URL.

3- Take ownership. If you click on this option, you will be only one who can control the screen.

4- Remove Ownership. If you click on this option, you will remove the ownership from whoever has it.

5- Launch free conference call: will use a third party tool to initiate a conference call.

6- Zoom in/out

Using an on-stage presentation board

If you are going to do a presentation in venues such as the theater, the auditorium or the conference room, where on-stage screens are displayed, bear in mind that you will have to be on stage in order to control the presentation screen. Once you go up the stage the same toolbar will appear on the bottom right corner.

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