You have two options in order to navigate the campus: you can walk around with your avatar or you can use the GO TO menu.

Controlling your avatar


With the keyboard, you can use the arrow keys or the WS keys the to walk forward and backwards.

In order to turn around, you can use the arrow keys or the AD keys.

You can use either your mouse or keyboard to make your avatar walk to a location in the campus.

When you hover your mouse over a place your avatar can walk to, an icon of a person will appear.

If you click on that area, your avatar will walk to where you clicked. You can only walk forwards when using the mouse.

Moving your head

By default, your avatar will be looking forward and the camera that is locked behind the avatar will follow your movements.

If you want to have a look around, you will have to unlock the camera. To do so, you will have to press the space bar in your keyboard. Once you have unlocked the camera, you can look around you by pointing with your mouse to wherever you want to look and your avartar's head will tilt in the direction you are looking.

To lock the camera again, you will have to press the space bar once more.

Using the GO TO menu

If you want to reach a specific location in the campus, a faster way than walking is teleporting.

In order to teleport your avatar, you can use the GO TO tab on the upper left corner. When you click on this button, several options will drop down. These are all the spaces and venues within the campus.

If you click on one of these locations, you will be automatically teleported to it.

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