Some companies have their space in ConnectWorld. These -which are usually offices- are private spaces that you can only access with specific password. Each company possesses a password and decides who can have it, and hence, enter its offices.

If we provide you a password, there are two options to get to your private space.

1- Click on the menu ‘Go to’ on the upper left corner.

Several options will drop down. These are all the spaces and venues within the campus and they are all public, except for the last one which is private: ‘Acceso Privado’.

When you click on this last option, you will be prompted to enter your password. Do not forget to tick the option Remember Password, so that you do not need to re-enter it everytime time you want to access your office or private space.

Once you have entered the password, click the button Submit and you will gain access to your private space.

2-Another way of entering your private space, is by clicking on the sign in the welcome area that reads 'Click Here to access your private Team Suite' and following the same steps previously mentioned.

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