So you have added your first device! Let's assume it was CMTS (CableModem Termination System). Now you can browse as much complexity as you wish.

In the All Devices page, the CMTS will always be at the very top and selected by default. You can click on another device to reveal its details on the right side of the screen.

From there, you can browse information and delve deeper into more details about the device in question.

For instance, by clicking in See Details, we have a quick way to access the CMTS Detail page, where we can see important information like the bandwidth consumption for this particular device.

Clicking on See Details will take us to the CMTS Detail page:

Alternatively, we can click on any given interface within this device, and access the Interface Detail page, where metrics, charts and associated devices will be shown.

Clicking on an interface takes you to that interface's detail screen:

From here you can browse details, such as Upstream SNR values, or Downstream channels' bandwidth utilization percentages, as read by our metrics collector and processor.

You can also launch the Channel Browser, which is a great way to navigate channels within an interface, anticipate problems and leave work notes per channel.

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