What are Anomalies?

An anomaly is an event that is detected after metrics collection and processing. If a specific metric meets the anomaly event requirement, a cablemodem-related anomaly registry is recorded in the database. 

Strings currently features three types of anomalies:

Constant Reboot

When a cabemodem suffers more than 5 reboots within a one-hour interval.


When the Mx value of a cablemodem is below 34dB or above 54dB at the time of data collection.

Low SNRs

Cablemodems with the SNR metric featuring less than 25dB at the time of data collection.

We annotate these anomaly events in the detail page for a given String, so you can navigate to any problematic cablemodem with ease.

Clicking on 15 Devices will reveal those in a dialog, and clicking on a particular device will bring you to its profile page, to inspect any potential issues.

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