So now you have connected your network to the Strings cloud. Let's fill your account with data to work with!

  1. Click on the Devices icon.

2. Now you are in All Devices, click on Add New Device to launch the sequence that will add your first network hardware to Strings. 

Currently supporting HFC and FTTH networks, you can add a CMTS or an OLT to begin with, by clicking on + Add Device:

3. Great! The first time you do this you will be asked to enable location detection in your browser. We only do this to help you choose a location for the device you are adding. 

Click Allow if you want to have Strings place you in the area you are currently located in.

Now you will see some input fields, enter a name, IP address, vendor and model for your device. You can select between FTTH and HFC.

Click on 'Next' to continue.

4. In order to add a CMTS or an OLT effectively, we need to specify the SNMPv2 Communities for them. In the case of a CMTS, we also need to specify the SNMP community for the Cablemodems as well (in case it is a different one). For the OLTs, we also need to specify the Optical Module Class, as this will affect the statistics and metrics indicators. Click on the first dropdown to select or input a new community.

You can type a community, and hit enter to save it. Then click on it to select it.

The Cablemodem workflow is being shown here, but it works in essentially the same way for FTTH. Once you specify these details, you can click Next for the final step.

5. Now to conclude, we have to set a location for this CMTS. If you clicked Allow in Step 3, you should find it easy to browse to the desired area. Otherwise, you can enter the map full screen, and navigate to a given city. 

Either in full screen or this overlay view, clicking around the map will modify the coordinates for any given position. 

All you have to do is click Done, and this will be added/saved into the new device. You can always edit the location later from the Device Detail page.  Please allow for a few minutes and check again, you should see all the discovered devices shortly.

If nothing happens, kindly let us know by clicking on the bottom-right icon of this page.

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